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Little House of Hazards

Little House of Hazards
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Please contact Rick Moore at 205-871-8819 or use the "Contact" link at the top of the page for questions.  Watch videos for both the high voltage and battery operated versions.

The Little House of Hazards battery powered safety model fits several specific criteria for utilities wishing to expand their safety educational program. The cost is attractive to utilities wishing to purchase multiple models for speakers bureaus. The operation of Little House of Hazards appeals to young children who may be frightened by arcs created by high voltage units. And importantly, Little House of Hazards does not pose the potential of contact with high voltage; it’s safe for children to approach and touch.


Watch the Little House of Hazards in action in this video demonstration.

Plastic figure assemblies are positioned at various places on the model to indicate electrical contact hazards. The battery-powered version of the model is powered by three 9-volt batteries; therefore, there is no actual hazard associated with operating the unit. As plastic figures are placed atop contact points on the model, a buzzer sounds and a light flashes on to indicate that the figures have come into contact with a high voltage electrical current.


A high voltage version of the model is also available at an additional charge. High voltage video demonstration.

The unit is compact and easily transportable. When closed, it forms a box 27 inches long by 13.5 inches high by 12 inches deep. The unit weighs 22 pounds, and a clip-on shoulder strap is provided.

When opened, the model forms a tabletop display that is 68 inches long and 12 inches wide.

It shows a power distribution chain from a transmission tower to end users in a house. The model consists of four separate hinged sections. After electrical generation is explained, a switch can be turned on which illuminates a bulb inside the building.

Contact hazards which can be demonstrated include: kite contacting overhead line, downed line on school bus, sailboat contacting overhead line, tree contacting overhead line, contact with padmount transformer, contact with substation transformer, contact with service drop.

Side panels on either version are customized with each customer’s logo and/or safety message.

Other modifications are possible, such as including a backhoe or substituting a different building for the house. Any modifications can be quoted on a per-job basis. Contact Rick Moore at 205-871-8819.

LHH Generator Version

This is identical to original version except that it does not have the transmission tower or lake. A hand-crank DC generator is mounted on the end of the model. When the generator is turned, a light bulb inside the house comes on.

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Little House of Hazards
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Little House of Hazards
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Little House of Hazards
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