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Please contact Rick Moore at 205-871-8819 for questions. Models are assembled upon order; please allow approximately four weeks for delivery. If you have a need date, please let us know.
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Sharing many construction details with powertown™, the AgriPower safety model can be used to demonstrate electrical contact hazards common to a farming operation.

Watch AgriPower in action in a video demonstration.

AgriPower components sit atop two tables with folding legs. Assembled tabletop dimensions are 8 feet wide by 3 feet deep. A table skirt, which can be customized with a utility’s logo, name and message fastens to the table edge. Tabletop components are stored in two plastic containers.

The model is powered by a transformer which produces a 10,000 volt, 28 miliamp current which produces dramatic arcs when contacts are made. Crimped connections on internal wiring insure good bonds. Power connections are easily connected by cables and jacks.

Safety is important. Each AgriPower is wired with a foot switch so the demonstrator can control current to the model. A spring-loaded hot stick makes it easy to handle components from a safe distance. The circuit is protected by a 3 amp fuse. In addition, operators should wear a pair of tested linesman’s gloves (not included).

The following components are included in the model: power line and pole assembly, house, barn, windmill, fuel tanks, pump, livestock, feed shed, metal fencing around barn, truck, backhoe, tractor, trailer, hay elevator, combine, agricultural sprinkler system, padmount transformer, ladder, irrigation pipes, and various figures. AgriPower also comes with an instruction manual, caps for the exploding transformer, hot stick, additional fuses and a battery.

The following safety hazards can be demonstrated:

(1) contacting an open padmount transformer,

(2) digging into underground service,

(3) contacting a metal fence energized by a downed line,
(4) contacting a hay elevator with an overhead line,

(5) downed wire on a vehicle,

(6) person carrying irrigation pipe contacting overhead line,

(7) snapping a pole guy wire causing it to sag, then contact by combine working in field,

(8) energizing irrigation system by misdirected water stream on power line,

(9) contacting service while working on a metal ladder (transformer explodes),

(10) children climbing trees near power lines and coming into contact with electricity, and

(11) flying a kite near a power line.

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