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Louie Theater

Louie Theater
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For more information, please contact Pam Moore at 205-871-8819.

Utilities now have a new medium to present Louie the Lightning Bug® and his electrical safety message—that of live theatre. And this program requires a minimum of involvement from sponsors. Provide us a list of schools, and we do the rest—from scheduling, to performances, to quantifying the plays’ effectiveness.

Three different plays have already been developed, and there are two versions of each of these—one for lower elementary school students and one for upper elementary students.

Each script stresses electrical safety and energy conservation. Performances last approximately 25 minutes. Plays are presented by actors who, through clever dialog, sets, sound, and quick costume changes portray a variety of superhero characters, and of course, Louie the Lightning Bug®.

The audience for any single show is limited to 350 students with two performances provided for each school. If a school has more than 700 children, an additional performance will be required and billed as an additional school appearance.

In addition to the plays, sponsors can choose to distribute 8-page work booklets to students for an additional charge. These booklets are targeted to upper and lower elementary students and are mailed to schools approximately two weeks prior to the performances. Booklets contain character descriptions, word games and activities which relate to each play. Additionally, educator letters list ideas for class discussion and vocabulary words that relate to the upcoming performances.

Teacher evaluation forms are sent to schools. Results are tabulated and presented to sponsors to help them gauge the effectiveness of the program.

Bookings are made by Moore Syndication, Inc. Performances are conducted by the National Theatre for Children of Minneapolis, MN, a theatrical company with 20 years’ experience providing live educational performances for electrical utilities.

It’s easy to book Louie the Lightning Bug® Theatre performances! For pricing, please contact Pam Moore at 205-871-8819. After pricing is established, just provide a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of schools or other venues, and we will coordinate appearances.

Bookings must be made a minimum of 90 days prior to performances. The following payment schedule is required: one-half of the fee paid at the time of contract, one-fourth for the fee paid by the opening performance, and one-fourth at the conclusion of the schedule. 

What teachers are saying about Louie the Lightning Bug® Theatre:

“Thanks so much. This program was such a good presentation for this age level. It held their interest tremendously well. The actors worked hard and are talented. We certainly do appreciate the program. See you next year.”

“The performers were quite entertaining and enthusiastic. My class was focused throughout the performance, and so was I.”

“Drama makes things come to life and the actors did an excellent job.”

Sponsors may elect to distribute 8-page work booklets to the audience. Versions for lower and upper elementary grades are available. The sponsoring utility’s logo is imprinted on each booklet. Publications are mailed directly to schools prior to every performance. Teacher guides are included in each shipment.

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Louie Theater
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Louie Theater
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Louie Theater
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