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History DVD, Item #2760

History DVD, Item #2760
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The History video is eight minutes long and targeted for youths aged 12-16. 

History fills a void of syndicated safety material for the target age group of students aged 12 through 16. The rationale for targeting this age group is that people these ages are particularly susceptible to electrical accidents. This is due in part to the group’s tendency to accept dares, play unsupervised games, perform odd jobs near electrical equipment and begin driving.

The History video addresses taking dares to climb transmission towers, performing yard work near power lines, and how to react after a vehicle accident involving a power pole.

History is a ghostly character who describes himself as “not of this world anymore.” He has suffered electrical accidents and is wiser for it. Other characters include his ghostly sidekick, Sparky the electrocuted squirrel, and a love interest between History’s old girlfriend and his former best friend.

The video and television spots never deal with History's various demises in a gruesome or graphic way. Instead, the video uses humorous graphics to indicate tragedy. As a consequence of his contacts with electricity, History's appearance is singed, tattered and torn.

In order to ensure that History’s message was on-target, the character and script were tested on middle school students. Edits to the product were made based on group comments.

The style of the animation is similar to that of popular video games played by students in the age group. The History script was written by the same creative team that developed the Louie the Lightning Bug® spots. The voice of History was recorded by Mason McCulley, a teen actor studying drama in Los Angeles.

The program lasts 8 minutes and 16 seconds—long enough to convey the safety messages but short enough for the students’ attention span.

A companion booklet is also available by special print run. For more information, please contact Pam Moore at 205-871-8819.

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History DVD, Item #2760
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History DVD, Item #2760
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