Energize your safety presentations for all audiences with computer graphics.


  • An electronic tool for comprehensive electrical safety training
  • Annual Power Town 3-D License Allows Unlimited Copies For Presenters
  • Windows-based program Controlled By Simple Mouse Operation


Moore Syndication is offering a new computer training tool aimed at reducing electrical contact accidents. This product is perfect for electrical utilities, one-call centers, technical colleges or companies engaged in construction or communications.


Whether you are talking to construction companies, school groups or the general public, the new Power Town 3D computer program is the authoritative educational safety educational tool for you.  And it's comprehensive enough for internal training, too. Detailed graphics make sense of general safety concerns, OSHA and state regulations and protective standards governing safety equipment and clothing.


The program depicts detailed animated electrical contact situations which can be played, paused and rotated for 360° viewing. Presenters control the commentary so that it's appropriate for every audience.


An agricultural contact scene is currently being developed, and will be updated free to all program licensees.


Power Town 3-D was developed by Georgia Power Company and has been credited with a drop in contacts.  It has been used for multiple presentations to construction interests, first responders, governmental agencies, school groups and the general public.


The program gives a detailed view of a typical town, showing buildings, streets, sidewalks overhead and underground utilities and communication lines. These can be rotated and viewed from any angle.


It’s easy for your utility to obtain its own copies of this program. Power Town 3-D is licensed on an annual basis. Licensees have the right to distribute multiple copies and brand with their logos, messages, etc. A training video and print documentation are provided with each unit purchased.


To order or receive more information, contact Pam Moore at Moore Syndication at (205) 871-8819 or CLICK HERE.

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New Scenes!

• Scaffolding

• Cranes

• Electric lines contacting gas lines

• Agricultural hazards


Hazard Scenes

• Overhead bucket truck contact

• Hand digging into buried cable

• Excavator cutting buried cable

• Overhead contact while climbing tree

• Fire truck energized by water stream

• Workers contacting energized tree

• Town overview

• Energized school bus


Power Town 3D Software

  • Detailed graphics show both overhead and underground contact hazards
  • Rotate images 360°
  • Appropriate for all audiences
  • Presenter controls the message
  • Load onto Windows computers

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